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Stop Wasting Money on Marketing – Google Ads Can Fix That (But Only If You Do It Right)

In this guide, we’ll break down Google Ads into bite-sized pieces, helping you understand exactly how you can ditch the money-wasting marketing strategies, replace them with a streamlined approach, and start attracting high-quality leads that convert in sales.
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Marketing can feel like a bottomless pit—we get it. You finally earmark funds to spend on what you believe to be customer-winning campaigns, and after all is said and spent, you only get back a few leads.

Frustrating, right?

There is a better way, though; no hidden agendas here!

Imagine a scenario where you reach your targeted audience who are actively looking for what you offer, be it a product or service. Envision an advertising campaign that places your business right in front of your perfect customer at the precise moment they're ready to buy.

That's the power of Google Ads!

While Google Ads is incredibly effective, it can be daunting if you are new to the game. The good news is that you do not need to be a digital marketing know-it-all to leverage its power.

Why Google Ads?

Here's the simple truth...

People use Google to find what they need daily.

On average, Google handles an incredible 5.9 million searches every minute, accounting for 91.54% of the worldwide search engine market (Semrush).

Think about it...

  • Looking for a beachfront coffee shop in Auckland? - Google it.
  • Want to find out how much a boat cruise in Tauranga will cost? You guessed it- Google it.
  • Need a house cleaner in Hamilton pronto? - Google does it again!

Google Ads puts you front and centre of this vast audience, at the very moment they are trawling the web for exactly what you offer. It's targeted advertising on steroids. With over 63% of users having clicked on a Google Ad and the same amount all agreeing that they would click on a Google Ad over and above other forms of paid advertising, it just makes sense (WebFX).

It's as straightforward as this: A customer types in "best hiking shoes for flat feet"—and there is your ad, showcasing your top-rated selection. An online user then clicks, browses your website, and bingo—a new sale!

Reaching the Right Audience

Generic marketing campaigns are just that: a one-size-fits-all approach that reaches a wide audience with the hope that some customers will stick.

Google Ads lets you pinpoint your ideal customer with laser precision.

Here's how...

  • Location: Target people in your city, region, or even a specific suburb.
  • Demographics: Reach people based on age, income, and interests.
  • Keywords: Your ads appear only when people search for terms related to your product or service.

This targeted approach ensures you reach the right people at the right time, maximising the return on your investment (ROI).

The "I Don't Have Time" Myth

Running a business is hard work, but there is time for Google Ads. Why? Because you can set your budget and manage your campaigns on your own terms. Even a few minutes a day can significantly affect how your business attracts and retains customers.

Due to its popularity, there are heaps of resources available to help you get started.

Google even provides free tutorials, guides, and courses.

Here are a few links to help you along...

Don't Miss Out on Growth

Some of your competitors already use Google Ads to entice customers and dominate your industry's market share. If you wait any longer, you and your business will fall behind.

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How to Unlock the Potential of Google Ads in 7 Steps

Here's what to do...

  1. Start small: Begin with a small, focused campaign to familiarise yourself with the platform's functions.
  2. Focus on the benefits: Forget about the specifics and concentrate on its potential for attracting new clients and expanding your business.
  3. Get help: When you start your campaign, consider asking Lab007 for assistance. Their experience will help you understand how to use the platform and make it work for you.
  4. Target the right people: Address those who are likely buyers at the end of it all.
  5. Track your results: Google Ads provides straightforward reports showing how well your campaigns are performing. You'll find out how many people looked at your ad, clicked on it, and bought something from you.
  6. Set your budget: Unlike traditional marketing, where costs can get out of hand, Google Ads lets you set a budget you can afford.
  7. Get results: Unlike traditional marketing, which can take forever, Google Ads can show results in a flash after you launch your campaign. You'll get quick feedback to adjust your plan to get the best results and get your money back faster.

Google Ads Needs the Right Pilot

You need to know what you're doing to run a successful campaign.

Here's why not knowing what you're doing can be a big problem...

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Imagine showing ice cream ads to people looking for ski jackets. If you don't target your ads correctly, you might be wasting your money by showing them to people who don't care about your stuff. Google Ads lets you reach the right people for your business, but you must know how to use the settings to make it work.

Lack of Support

The budget-friendly route often leaves users with what they pay for—minimal to no customer support. Trust us, when things do go wrong, and they do, it helps to know there is someone who can help!

Wasting Money on Irrelevant Keywords

Google Ads is when you pay for words people type in the search box. Pick the wrong keywords, and you'll either disappear or end up with the wrong crowd. Picture a bakery competing for "healthy cookies" instead of "gluten-free, sugar-free cookies".

Confusing Messaging and Bland Design

Your ad is the first thing people see, so it needs to be clear and exciting. Nobody pays attention to ads that are boring and poorly written. Making ad copy that connects with your ideal customer is super important.

The Bottom Line

Marketing doesn't have to be a headache. Google lets you reach the right people, measure your success, and get your money's worth. It's the perfect solution for busy business owners who want to stop wasting money and start seeing results.

Remember, the world of your ideal customers is just a click away!

Tired of Throwing Money at Marketing that Doesn't Work?

Don't waste time or money on marketing that doesn't work. Let Lab007 show you how Google Ads can transform your business.

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